Certified Nursing Assistant Course for RRHS & GFC Students for Remote Learning - Spring Semester, 2020

Instructors:  Mrs. Rowekamp & Mrs. Naastad

The Nurse Assistant Training program offers classroom instruction and clinical practice to those preparing for employment as a certified nursing assistant in a skilled nursing facility, acute care or home health care. This program includes supervised practical training and clinical practice as required by the North Dakota Board of Nursing. Students will have the option to challenge the state CNA board exam to acquire state certification.

Grades 11 - 12 (1/2 Credit, Semester Course) or Instructor Approval

* Students Must be 16 Years of Age to Complete the Clinical Experience

This class is designed to introduce students to the health information technology field. Students will learn prefixes, suffixes and root words for medical terms. This will include meanings, spellings and pronunciations. Emphasis is on building a working medical vocabulary based on body systems. Anatomy and physiology of major organs, pathological conditions, laboratory studies, clinical procedures and abbreviations are studies for each body system. The student will also learn medical terminology as it relates to pathology, diagnostic, surgical, clinical and laboratory procedures, and common abbreviations and acronyms by body systems.

Grades 10-12 (1/2 Credit, Semester Course)